Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clomid Bloat!

That shit reeks havoc on your body!! I never felt so full in my life. None of my clothes fit, I was winded, and more. Post clomid I was very moody. I actually was hit with waves of dispare. It was like one minute I was fine and the next, I was crying that I would never have a baby. Then, I would be fine again. VERY exhausting!!

I have to admit I have begun to wrap my head around IVF. It's a very scary and exciting prospect. Besides the $$, the side effects of the medication scares me the most. The $$ part I have to toss up to God. It's either going to work or not. In the back of my head there is this place that says "That's a lot of money, what if it does not work?" That is a bad place to linger. oi!

So, one more month of Clomid and then if all does not work....IVF. I have cleared my work schedule for September. Just me, my hubby, and a whole lots of medication...plus prayers.

I have decided not to tell anyone about IVF. Well, my best girl, but that's it. I can't have the hens looking over my shoulder. It's a lot of pressure.


Monday, July 28, 2008

As luck would have it...

I was out of town when I ovulated. We did the best we could and I guess there is a small chance that I could have got pregnant.

My husband and I have decided to hit the IVF trail. Looking to do it in Sept. I am scared and overwhelmed, but will take it one step at a time.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Feel So Happy!!

Day 3 u/s today. I was so sure the cyst was back and bigger than before. BUT NO!!! I was WRONG. For the 1st time in 2 years, I had NO CYSTS!!! I started crying right then and there.

Thank you God!!!

Now, get your prayers going for me....either that ovulation happens early or late. I am out of town July 21 and 22nd(Day 15-16). If there is a prayer for me, that is it.

I feel very positive. Maybe this is the month. We all live in the maybe, don't we?

Good Luck to me and to you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 1....New Game!

Hi Team,
Hope your 4th was GREAT. I had a visitor the whole weekend and it rained WAY too much. Got my period and ready to go. Day 3 u/s clomid, acupuncture(new), and IUI.

I am taking this cycle very serious. good food, exercise, and no drinking. I was planning out the calendar and will be out of town 2 very crucial days. I am praying I don't ovulate one of those days. I almost cried...well, I did a little bit. I sometimes wonder if this job gets in the way of me getting pregnant.

Here we go again! I am ready and willing to get pregnant.