Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today, I am better

I knew I would feel better today, but what a yesterday I had.

So, get the period, meet with my Doc. about IVF, and order $12,000 worth of kitchen remodeling stuff. oi! Too much, but sometimes we need to put one foot in front of the other!

Dr. S. , my husband and I had a talk yesterday. I have decided to move forward with IVF AFTER one more cycle of clomid...yes, I love the torture. My Dr. is so no-nonsense....he's like "what's one more month?" I actually was pissed he said that; until I wasn't...what is one more month? We start IVF at the end of September if the round of clomid does not work. I am excited and scared about everything. The Dr. was not overly hopeful and maybe that's his job is to be realistic, but with my circumstances there is a 30% it's going to work.

I was pleasantly surprised at the cost(remember no ins. coverage) it's ONLY going to be $10-12k...I had it in my mind that it was going to be $25k. Where I got that I have no idea. I am hoping to hook up with some donated drugs and overall just get the show on the road. I am trying to keep myself in the now! And now the "ifs" of IF. I am continuing with my accupuncture and need to get myself back in the pool.

Our kitchen is going to be gorgeous. We are such glutens for punishment. Anyone else doing IVF and a kitchen remodel?

Thank you to everyone who leaves me such nice comments. It really helps.



A Decade of BFNs said...

Glad the decisions have been made. I am hoping this last round of clomid does the trick. Keeping my fingers crossed for a fellow philly gal.

Angry Infertile said...

What are donated drugs?

:) Here from Lost and Found

Michelle. said...

I remember some blogging infertile doing both at the same time. It was a potent combination for and she conceived twins. I hope it is a universal law that kitchen remodel + IVF = oodles of babies.

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