Monday, June 9, 2008

Where is this yellow brick road going....

Oh lord, it's been quite a few days. Let's just say I have been up and down the IF river. My period showed Day 28 on time. boo.

I have been thinking about what's next for us. My husband will be out of town when I am ovulating next so no clomid or IUI for us. Taking a break. (hello white wine)

Taking a break..that is what we are telling people. I learned the hard way that IF is not something you share with randoms. Too many people asking and too many people to tell. Taking a break. I like it.

Still hoping... I have something to admit. I may have been doing this trying to get pregnant thing wrong. Well, not that wrong. ;) But, I def. have not been counting my cycle days right and I have DEFINITELY not been using the OPK at the right time. I started using them on Day 15...oops. Bad me.

So still hoping, but taking a break for June.

Seriously considering IVF for ins. coverage and scared to give myself shots.

But still hoping.


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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and we are similar, I am in the Philly burbs and late 30's. Would love to chat through email as I was wondering about your experiences with your clinic, etc...I am thinking about switching. I respect anonymity, so if you would like, you can email me @