Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where am I?

Hello Team, Here I am. I have been so busy I forgot that I was infertile. Sort of. I have been to the beach, swam my heart out, and connected with my Father. Hooray. I had time to think about this life I have been given. I am pretty darned lucky.

I felt myself sinking into the bitter pit of IF and I just can't do it. I won't be sad/mad when someone tells me that they are pregnant or not be able to get out of bed on Mother's Day. I just won't...can't. I gotta get my GA (good attitude) on. I will get pregnant and have a baby. Bottom line. How? Now that's a story for another time.

Join me! Put YOUR GA on. Got it your sad. Got it your disappointed. Got it your mad, pissed, broke, etc. Life is passing you by. Look at the bright side of things. Focus on 2-3 positive things a day.

Getting off my soap box now and sending positive thoughts to the IF world.

(p.s. I might not always feel like this, but I am sure as fuck going to try)


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Trace said...

The infertility ache does seem to disappear when we go away and I'm always disappointed when I come home and it's back :-(.