Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today is a better and brighter day.....

Boy, did I have a shitty day yesterday. I was thankful that we had our therapists appt. last night. It gave my husband a chance to talk about how he was feeling about all of this infertility. Wow, were my eyes opened.

He said that he has been trying to remain calm since I have not been calm(before my breakthrough) I interpreted that by thinking that he did not care if we had a baby or not. He was under-emotioned and I was over. Wow!

I was still waffling about clomid and then he said something real real stupid after our appt. I almost had the cab turn around and get back to the therapist so we could talk about it. I was saying I was not sure about IVF and he said, "Of course you are doing IVF...It's no big deal"

Holy shit..no big deal. I asked him to stop talking right then and there. I need to get him some info.

I adore him and our marriage has never been better, but shit...."no big deal?" HA!

I am doing clomid. Day 3 u/s tomorrow. hope the cyst is gone and we can get this show on the road.


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