Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cysts, scaring and a big old fat why me???

I just got off the phone with my Dr. I had a MRI on Monday to figure out what to do with my pesky cyst on my right ovary. As a bit of history, the cyst is why I have not started clomid for the last 6 months. Anyhooo, I have to have surgery at the end of the month to suck that sucker out. Very easy and out patient.

My conversation with Dr. S. did not go as planned. My hope would be that he would say once we get that out you will FOR SURE get pregnant. He did not say that...he said there is a good chance, but with all the scaring you may have to got for IVF.

Oh Lord, I was hoping to avoid IVF. Is is bad that I want that $$ for my new kitchen? Does that make me a bad almost mother?

So we decided that after the surgery we would meet in 3 weeks to discuss out next steps. I had a dream last night about "taking over a baby" from a bad mother. It was just like she was my own. Is it time to think about adoption?

I try not to wallow, but I would love to stand on a hill and shout...Why me?

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